Following graduation from the Royal College of Art was represented by The Piccadilly Gallery in Cork Street London.
He has exhibited widely both nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe and the UK. These include The Piccadilly Gallery, Cork Street, The Royal Academy, Terry Dintenfass Gallery, New York, Rozzi Gallery, Montclair, New Jersey,
Staempfli Gallery New York, Basle Art Fair, Twentieth Century British Art Royal College of Art, Ffyn Y Parc Gallery North Wales.
He was Head of Fine Art and upon early retirement, in order to paint full time, became Visiting professor of Fine Art Painting.
'His mastery and control of his medium is impressive, born of a meticulous preparation, and his understanding of the history and techniques of British landscape painting is clear.
But what gives Peter's work its quiet , compelling conviction is its reticence and restraint. It is mightily subtle and is prepared to wait until it has your full attention! These works inhabit those liminal places: places where the land gives way to the sea, where day and night are slipping over each other, where sleep rises and memory swirls. Here, alone in the silence away from the constant clamour and the incessant hum, in the half light, perhaps the answers nearly come...
There is a yearning and comfort in these works, a wisdom and contentment which gives them a power that is unusual and restorative.'

Extract from exhibition catalogue Ffin Y Parc Gallery November 2017